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Demented Hamsters' Journal

Sunday, August 1, 2004

9:04PM - Blagging and flyering!

Jill, Joanna and I went up to Westgate road with Juliet on Saturday and worked very hard to get flyers up in shop windows, rally prizes and the like. It was raining too!

Current mood: accomplished

Thursday, June 10, 2004

9:48AM - I can go to the ball (X posted to forum)


I can go to the rally! I thought I would never get to change my holidays but my boss let me! It means that I'm missing out on a week off to have 3 days for the rally but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Apologies if I was a cow I was just really upset about the date changing, and not being able to go. I can now so let me know if there's anything that needs doing in preparation.

Current mood: bouncy

Monday, October 13, 2003

9:04PM - Just got this from Hester ... for anyone they haven't got email of....

Hello M'Dears, we are going to sort out the "who we are" page on the Demented Hamsters website tomorrow or the day after to get all the people on there who should be on there, so if you've got a picture of yourself (or any other Hamster) that you want to go on, e-mail it to us and we'll use it, otherwise, it'll just have to be whatever we can dig out of the dusty drawer. I know Nick sent us one of Sylv and one of Jill, but I am really sorry, we have lost them off the computer, I have no excuse, we're just shit. Apparrently, John says if you can make the pictures about 25 k (not really sure what that means but he assures me that most of you will) they will fit on the website quite happily. Someone let Susan know coz I don't have her e-mail address. Speak soon chaps, send us some photos, luv, Auntie Fester.XXXX

Thursday, October 2, 2003

7:57AM - Rally

Hi all i realy enjoyed the rally, and the virgining, was good fun, looking forward to next rally, hoping to go to Bonfire Bash.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

1:47PM - Weather

I've just been checking out the weather for the weekend.

It's supposed to be sunny for all three days - max temp 21 and min 12, which isn't too bad really. We shouldn't get too wet anyway!

Current mood: bouncy

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

8:55AM - Rally travel arrangements

Hi everyone,

I have good news! I'm gonna be able to make it down to help set up on Thursday! I was just wondering what's happening with getting down there. Lynette, are you giving Jo a lift? If so have you got space for a Linder? Or could someone pick me up from York or Whitby?

Lee can't come til after work on Friday so if anyone can help him out that would be great. I think he's going to get the train down to York, but would be very grateful if someone could pick him up from there? Jill, do you know what time you're leaving on the friday? He can be ready for 5.30 if he could blag a lift with you?

Any help would be most appreciated, am sooo excited now, not long to go! Yipee! mud! beer! motobikes!

Current mood: excited

Saturday, September 6, 2003


Well got the face paints and massey harris for nick! I even helped me Dad to feed and bed up so i could get the band for ya. I gathered it with me own fair hands and pigs nibbling at me wellies... not too much pig shit in it!

i also mucked out the caravan so its reasonably clean.... I gathered up the cups and have brought them home to wash. gonna leave some clean cloths and a bucket in there so it should be ok.

Have scaved some 6" nails off me Dad for hamster sacrifice but think we need bigger for the best club turn out anyone got any 9" nails? (actual Nails!!!) or could get some from some where?

Current mood: exhausted

Thursday, September 4, 2003


well today i rang the marque bloke, and it will be delivered next wed. so if anyone is about in north yorkshire and feeling strong it would be nice if ya gave them a hand to put it up... I said I would russle folks up for him.

Oh and I have started the big clean of me tant i needs it asfter leeds spilt lots of beer and some one dropped a sticky lolly on it... I hope thats all they did ! given it a wash today

Current mood: bouncy

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

11:19PM - Thats rally stuff will put in here too.

Hi Been busy girl today, I have sorted pallets and even been and picked them up and delivered them to the school house. took away the last bit of plastic from the pig so tidying up John and Hester's yard. painted a new number plate on the little trailer, took the big sign down to marton and dragged it up stairs into my studio so no matter what I will be working on that thursday/friday night. Got me mit on the Hamtaro's we will be sacrificing for bike show prizes and sprayed the rat one black ready for killing. muhahahahahaha And all after 7 this evening off to bed now.

But also Got to ring and check about marque and this weekend air and sort the Caravan. Lots to do will be asleep by the time its Rally...

Current mood: exhausted

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

11:04PM - WELCOME!

Hello and welcome to the Demented Hamsters' Journal. I hope to see lots of posts from everyone with hamster related news and stuff! If you've just found this community and want to ask a question then go for it we're really friendly and don't bite ..... often!

N.B. Make sure you click the link to join this community at the top of the info screen so that you can post and then click update journal and select 'dementedhamster' as the journal to post in.